About Me

Hello and welcome!

My name is Ginny and I am a former Marketing and PR Consultant turned  Network Marketing Professional.  

I'd worked in PR for many years and enjoyed it  - however when the recession hit my work was affected, I lived very rurally so it was time to rethink my options..

..So my husband and I diversified his Trout farm and developed a smokehouse to increase our customer base and sell at retail rather than wholesale. The reality of this new business was that it started to control us! We found our work life balance had gone, the hours were crazy, my two teenagers needed me too,  my home was looking shot at!  I was not achieving any role well...

I felt there had to be a better way...

I was introduced to Forever Living Products by a Financial Director of a company I'd worked for previously and whilst I was sceptical and unsure I could do it successfully I saw an exciting business model and a way of developing a risk free business that I could work from home that would give us more time and extra money.

Initially I ran Forever around everything else until it was earning us enough for me to transition into it full time -  now Forever is my primary role and it has trebled our  household income.

It hasn't just been all about the money, cars and holidays  - its been the choices that have made such a difference, the freedom to control my own diary,  working with inspiring and professional people, making great friends, having the ability to spend time with my family, travel and to spend my time as I choose..

My confidence and passion for the business means I now personally mentor other people to achieve. Giving step by step business advise and help put plans in place. Please click over to success stories to meet some of the people I work with or find out more about the opportunity.

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