Success Stories

"I am Sarah Devlin, my background was in estate agency.  Once I had my 2 children I decided to work more from home so I began helping my husband in his business and retrained as a nail technician.

I didn't feel i was looking for anything extra when Ginny approached me, however she shared some information with me and I saw a way I could earn a significant income working with Forever yet still working from home.

I soon realised that becoming successful was a real driver for me but also to privately educate my children - particularly my eldest who needed me around a little bit more than most people would class as the norm!

Ginny and I worked closely together as we both came into Forever at a similar level, her unwavering support and friendship  solidified my belief in Forever, she helped me utilise the skills I already had and develop the others I needed to become successful. I have never worked in such a collaborative environment where the success of others and goals of other people help to drive you as much as your own personal reasons for doing this business. My personal development has to be one of the most significant side effects of the business.

I ran with this business and became a great student - it has more than delivered and we have benefitted from all the incentives Forever offer including the cars, global travel and income. We have a great team and a lot of fun." 

"My name is Leila Hardy and When Ginny introduced me to Forever, I was a full time personal trainer and massage therapist, I was coaching the local swimming club children for their fitness which is how we met. 

I was about to open a fitness studio and the Forever range of products were a perfect complement.

I soon became passionate about the business side too and with Ginny's endless support, encouragement, coaching and mentoring I have gone on to achieve the incredible incentives and financial benefits of being a part of Forever.

I particularly enjoy the amazing personal development and Forever put me on a track that I had previously never ventured.  I think the most powerful thing for me has been the opportunity to build another business alongside my own which has allowed me to work less hours in a physically demanding career, whilst still doing what I love with a passion.  

Without Ginny's leadership and example of perseverance and vision, I may never have captured the excitement of the opportunity that is Forever."

copyright ginny harrop